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Oxygen Filling System

The oxygen filling system consists of a high pressure oil-free compressor and a PSA oxygen concentrator. Through the compressor, the oxygen generated by the concentrator will be filled into different size of oxygen cylinders. By using this oxygen filling equipment, you can generate and store oxygen whenever and wherever you like.

This oxygen filling system can used for medical, homecare, industrial and other applications where delivery of oxygen cylinders is not convenient. It is especially suitable for EMS oxygen supply for life rescue in disaster areas as well as health care in underground or plateau areas with low oxygen concentration.

1. Absolutely dry, clean and oil-free.
2. High compression ratio. The service pressure is up to 138bar (2000psi/13.8Mpa)
3. Efficient filling. It takes about 6 hours to fill a M265 10-liter oxygen cylinder using our oxygen filling system.
4. Small size and light weight. Easy and safe to operate.
5. Simple, reliable and easy maintenance.
6. High flexibility. This oxygen filling equiment can be used separately or expanded into a larger system through parallel connection to meet the demand for large amount of oxygen consumption.
7. Energy-saving. Our oxygen filling device has low power consumption.
8. Cost-effective.

Parameters of Oxygen Concentrator of the Oxygen Filling System

Model JAY-10 JAY-20
Rated power (VA) 550W 1100W
Operation voltage (V/Hz) AC230V (± 10%); 50Hz (±1Hz)
Oxygen flow (L/min) 0-10 0- 20
Oxygen concentration 93% (± 3% )
Outlet pressure (Mpa) 0.04-0.07
Alarm Power failure; low/high pressure; temperature (optional); low concentration (optional); maintenance reminding after 3000 hours' operation (optional)
Noise level (dB) ≤ 55 ≤ 55
LCD display Accumulating timing; present timing; timing;
Large LCD display (optional) Pressure indication (accuracy: 0.001MPa);
Accumulated working time (range: 0-10000hours);
Present working time (accuracy:1 minute);
Preset time (accuracy: 1 minute)
Optional: temperature indication (accuracy: 0.1);
Oxygen concentration indicationMaintenance reminding
Electrical safety classification Class II Type B
Product category Class II a
Net weight (kg) 28 (plastic shell)/30 (iron shell) 60
Dimension (mm) 365×375×600 ( plastic shell)380×380×560 (iron shell) 700×390×530
Low purity alarm (Optional) When oxygen concentration is 85% or above, the green lamp is on; when oxygen concentration isbelow 85%, the red lamp is on, indicating low concentration
Fuse F7A/250V
High Pressure Oil-Free Compressor Specification
10L 20L
Electrical requirement C150-500 C150-800
Power consumption 500W on average 1000W on average
Inlet pressure 6-20psi (0.04-0.01Mpa) 6-20 psi (0.04-0.01Mpa)
Max. discharge pressure 2000psi (13.8Mpa) 2000psi (13.8Mpa)
Flow rate 5-10LPM 15-20LPM
Machine dimension (W×D×H) 38cm×62cm×63cm 38cm×62cm×63cm
Net weight 52.5kg 64kg
New High Pressure Oil-Free Compressor Specification
Operating temperature 5℃-35℃
Operating humidity range 15-95%RH (No condensation)
Operating altitude 0-2000m
Storage temperature range -40℃ -+70℃
Storage humidity range 10%-95%RH (No condensation)
Working voltage 115V±10% /60Hz (230V±10%/50Hz)
Power 700W on average
Classification CategoryⅡ Model B
Inlet airflow 5-10LPM
Inlet pressure 7-15psi
Filling pressure 0psi-2000 (±200psi)
Dimension (L×W×H) 510mm×510mm×800mm
Weight About 60kg
Filling Time for Various Types of Cylinders with Oxygen Filling System
Cylinder model Cylinder capacity Oxygen storage Air flow Input air pressure Output air pressure Cylinder filling time
L L LPM psi Mpa psi Mpa
M004 0.7 98 10/20 15/20 0.1/0.14 2000 13.8 12L: 5mins
M006 1.0 140 10/20 15/20 0.1/0.14 2000 13.8 16L: 7mins
M009 1.7 238 10/20 15/20 0.1/0.14 2000 13.8 25L: 12mins
M265 40 6800 10/20 15/20 0.1/0.14 2000 13.8 <12L: 6hours
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