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Why Us

Longfian is specialized in producing oxygen concentrators and related products. Our products mainly include medical oxygen concentrator, health care oxygen concentrator, beauty oxygen concentrator, oxygen concentrator for veterinary use, industrial oxygen concentrator, oxygen concentrator for aquaculture, industry ozone generator and ozone generator for breeding industry. Our company has 9 years' rich production and exportation experience, and 80% of our products are exported to overseas countries every year.

Here are the reasons you choose Longfian oxygen equipment.
1. Lower Price and Higher Quality
Compared with products from Occident, our oxygen concentrators are competitive in price; compared with products made by other foreign countries, our oxygen machines have more reliable quality since 90% components of the oxygen concentrators produced by those countries are from China.

2. Considerate Service
Besides provide customers with high quality products conforming to the ISO, CE and FDA standards, we can also ensure on-time delivery. What's more, we will respond to and meet customers' ordinary and special requirements as soon as possible. With a complete after-sales service network, considerate services are available all over the world.

Longfian is willing to cooperate with partners around the world. Through the operations, we can offer partners high-quality products with stable performance at a favorable price. At the same time, both our company and our partners gain mutual instates of good brand reputation. What's more significant is that our oxygen machines will help people regain their health and extend their life. We are contributing to make human life better through providing qualified products.