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Agent Recruitment

Since the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases occur more and more frequently, oxygen concentrator, as a household medical device, will become more and more popular in the future. Besides medical treatment, oxygen concentrator has also been used for health care, skin care and industrial purposes. It is a promising product.

Depending on reliable product quality and good reputation, we will go on striving to provide high-quality oxygen concentrators and contribute to oxygen machine industry. Now we are recruiting agents and partners all around the world.

If you are engaged in the following occupations, you can consider joining us.
A. Wholesalers and distributors of respiratory products such as nebulizer, household respirator and oxygen bottle
B. Wholesalers and distributors of home-use medical devices like wheel chair, crutch, blood pressure meter and blood glucose meter
C. Distributors of large oxygen supply equipment
D. Distributors contracting government tender projects
E. Distributors dealing with medical care projects
F. Distributors dealing with nursing home projects

Our company can provide distributors with high-quality products at a favorable price. If you join us, you can gain interests including fine brand reputation, stable product supply volume and superior product quality. It is a significant career to help people back to health and improve their health standard by using our oxygen concentrator. We are looking forward to your joining in to help make life better.