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    1. JAY-1 1-5L/Min Portable Oxygen ConcentratorDesigned with small and exquisite plastic housing, our portable oxygen producing machine can be used while you are out. No matter for young men on business or older people on travel, our oxygen generating machine is an ideal choice. Due to its small size and oxygen concentration which is as high as 90% for 1L oxygen flow, this portable oxygen concentrating machine is also suitable for making cocktail.
    1. JAY-3 0-3L/Min Oxygen ConcentratorAdopting PSA physical method to produce oxygen, this oxygen gas generator is safe and economical.
      The oxygen flow rate can be adjusted from 0L/min to 3L/min.
    1. JAY-5/5Q 0-5L/Min Oxygen Concentrator

      Price of the low-noise type one is slightly higher than the ordinary type one. Our oxygen concentrating machine is energy-saving and safe to use.

    1. JAY-8 0-8L/Min Oxygen Concentrator

      Our JAY-8 0-8L/min oxygen concentrator has got the certificates of ISO and CE. Compared with other similar products on the market, our oxygen concentration.

    1. JAY-10 0-10L/Min Oxygen Concentrator

      Adopting imported compressor, humidification bottle and molecular sieve, our oxygen generation plant has high oxygen separating efficiency.

    1. JAY-15 0-15L/Min Oxygen Concentrator The oxygen producing machine will automatically stop working when it reaches the preset time.
      OCSI system ensures safe oxygen therapy.
    1. JAY-20 0-20L/Min Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen concentration status indicator allows the users to monitor oxygen concentration in real time.
      Our JAY-20 oxygen gas generator is configured with temperature alarm, high/low pressure alarm, power failure alarm to guarantee safe machine operation.
    1. Medical Oxygen Concentrator Designed with reasonable structure, the machine components are wear-resistant and durable.
      Our oxygen gas generator will help relieve your disease symptoms and balance the vital energy and blood in your body.
    1. Home Health Care Oxygen ConcentratorOxygen therapy for respiratory diseases. Inhaling oxygen with our oxygen equipment will help relieve symptoms of trachitis, bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary emphysema, etc.
    1. Portable Oxygen Concentrator

      This is a cost-effective product appropriate for blue and white collar workers and the common masses. This portable oxygen concentrator is suitable for patients’ short time outdoor application and can be used to cure headache and sleep apnea syndrome caused by cervical spondylosis.

    1. High Pressure Oxygen Concentrator for Small Hospital

      The flow rate is adjustable from 0LPM to 20LPM.
      This high pressure oxygen concentrating equipment is designed with low concentration alarm function and is configured with an audio and visual alarm system for high/low pressure.

    1. Pediatric Oxygen ConcentratorCombing with the separate flow meter whose minimum scale is 0.125L/min, our oxygen producing machine is suitable for newborn infants, babies and adults.
    1. Veterinary Oxygen ConcentratorOur veterinary oxygen producing machines have reliable quality conforming to the standard of ISO9001. Generally, their service life can be as long as 5 years.
    1. Industrial Oxygen ConcentratorDesigned with timing function, the oxygen producing machine will stop working automatically when it reaches to the preset time.
      Our industrial oxygen gas generator has a large digital LCD display which can indicate the operating pressure, internal operating time, present working time, accumulated working time and the preset time.
    1. Oxygen Concentrator with RF Card Reader for Public Our oxygen concentrating machine with RF card reader is available for people to inhale oxygen in stadiums, libraries, health clubs, schools, hospitals, clinics, oxygen bars and other public places whenever they need.
    1. Oxygen Sensor

      Our oxygen concentration detection device has features of simple structure, swift response and high measuring accuracy.
      The high/low oxygen concentration indicating device of our lambda sensor can be designed as an indicating lamp or a real-time digital display according to...

    1. Oxygen Analyzer

      Concentration Indication Range: 21.0 % ~99.9 %
      Measurement Accuracy: +/-3% F.S.
      Operating Ambient Temperature: 5~40 ℃

  • Oxygen Filling System

    Absolutely dry, clean and oil-free.
    Efficient filling. It takes about 6 hours to fill a M265 10-liter oxygen cylinder using our oxygen filling system.

  • Oxygen Cocktail MachineBar, club, beauty salon, gym, massage spa, home, hospital, school, etc.
    Oxygen cocktail, namely oxygen mix drink, which can be produced by an oxygen cocktail maker, is a foamy drink made of kinds of beverages with oxygen (with purity up to 90%) and foam-making ingredients mixed together by an oxygen mixer.
    1. Ozone Generator

      Therefore, ozone has the functions of oxidation, sterilization, color removal and odor removal. It is generally regarded as an effective sterilization and disinfection.