1. Medical Oxygen Concentrator Designed with reasonable structure, the machine components are wear-resistant and durable.
      Our oxygen gas generator will help relieve your disease symptoms and balance the vital energy and blood in your body.
    1. Home Health Care Oxygen ConcentratorOxygen therapy for respiratory diseases. Inhaling oxygen with our oxygen equipment will help relieve symptoms of trachitis, bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary emphysema, etc.
    1. Portable Oxygen Concentrator

      This is a cost-effective product appropriate for blue and white collar workers and the common masses. This portable oxygen concentrator is suitable for patients’ short time outdoor application and can be used to cure headache and sleep apnea syndrome caused by cervical spondylosis.

    1. Pediatric Oxygen ConcentratorCombing with the separate flow meter whose minimum scale is 0.125L/min, our oxygen producing machine is suitable for newborn infants, babies and adults.
    1. Veterinary Oxygen ConcentratorOur veterinary oxygen producing machines have reliable quality conforming to the standard of ISO9001. Generally, their service life can be as long as 5 years.
    1. Industrial Oxygen ConcentratorDesigned with timing function, the oxygen producing machine will stop working automatically when it reaches to the preset time.
      Our industrial oxygen gas generator has a large digital LCD display which can indicate the operating pressure, internal operating time, present working time, accumulated working time and the preset time.
    1. Oxygen Concentrator with RF Card Reader for Public Our oxygen concentrating machine with RF card reader is available for people to inhale oxygen in stadiums, libraries, health clubs, schools, hospitals, clinics, oxygen bars and other public places whenever they need.

Oxygen Concentrator by Application

Based on customers' demand, we classify our oxygen concentrating equipment into the following types: medical oxygen concentrator, health care oxygen concentrator, high pressure oxygen generators series, oxygen concentrator for veterinary use, industry oxygen concentrator, oxygen concentrator with RF card reader for public. Each type of oxygen concentrator concludes multiple models of machines available for your selection.