1. JAY-1 1-5L/Min Portable Oxygen ConcentratorDesigned with small and exquisite plastic housing, our portable oxygen producing machine can be used while you are out. No matter for young men on business or older people on travel, our oxygen generating machine is an ideal choice. Due to its small size and oxygen concentration which is as high as 90% for 1L oxygen flow, this portable oxygen concentrating machine is also suitable for making cocktail.
    1. JAY-3 0-3L/Min Oxygen ConcentratorAdopting PSA physical method to produce oxygen, this oxygen gas generator is safe and economical.
      The oxygen flow rate can be adjusted from 0L/min to 3L/min.
    1. JAY-20 0-20L/Min Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen concentration status indicator allows the users to monitor oxygen concentration in real time.
      Our JAY-20 oxygen gas generator is configured with temperature alarm, high/low pressure alarm, power failure alarm to guarantee safe machine operation.

Oxygen Concentrator by Flow Rate

Oxygen concentrator our company provides can separate oxygen from air with the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. Pressure swing adsorption is a physical oxygen generation method through which highly purified oxygen gas will be made. Our oxygen gas generator is easy to operate. It can continuously separate oxygen conforming to medical standard from air under normal temperature when being connected to the power supply and its oxygen flow is adjustable based on practical needs. In addition, our products are easy to clean and maintain thus are popular with customers.

Classification and Application
We offer various types of oxygen concentrators with different flow rates.
1. The 3L-10L/min type oxygen concentrationg machines (with ordinary outlet pressure of 0.04-0.07Mpa) are usually for medical use and home health care.

2. The 10L/min, 15L/min and 20L/min types (with high outlet pressure of 0.14-0.4Mpa) are mainly used for central oxygen supply of small hospitals and clinics. They are also available to connect to anesthesia machine or ventilator in ICU.

3. Some oxygen producing machines are also suitable for industrial use.

Composition of Oxygen Concentrator

1. Large LCD display
2. LCD display
3. Timming keys
4. Nebulizer
5. Humidification bottle
6. Atomization outlet (optional)
7. Small LCD display (optional)
8. Power switch
9. Indicating lamp
10. SPO2 Sensor
11. Pulse oximeter connector (optional)
12. Oxygen flow meter
13. Knob of flow meter
14. Intake air filter
15. Knob for atomization

1. All our oxygen concentrators are configured with oxygen concentration status indicator (OCSI) ensuring that oxygen therapy is safe.
2. Equipped with pressure monitoring device, our oxygen generating machine will keep long-time operation with no oxygen concentration attenuation. It is available in both plateau and plain areas.
3. Our product adopts molecular sieve separation system so that it has high oxygen generation efficiency.
4. The heat dissipation system of our oxygen generation equipment is composed of copper tube aluminum fin radiator and specially customized fans. The heat dissipation system will keep working 24hours all the year round.
5. System detection device as well as alarm devices for temperature, pressure, power failure are employed in our products. Thus our oxygen machine is safe to use.
6. All the oxygen concentrators we provide have accumulating timer for present working time indicating and preset time indicating.
7. The medical-use oil-free compressor in our oxygen gas generator adopts imported components and has service life 30% longer than other ordinary compressors.
8. The latest humidification bottle imported from the US has relief pressure as high as 6psi.
9. Our oxygen producing equipment adopts four-level filter system. The bacterial filter makes the oxygen clean and hygienic.

Guide for Oxygen Concentrator Operation